Classes are based in Newbury, Tadley, Bishop's Green and Burghclere.

Contemporary Dance is an expressive form of movement and dance, which incorporates elements of Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet dance. Most often, it is used to convey a story, idea or even emotion and is therefore usually more suited to a mature student. The classes at Mixed Motion focus on floor-work and the use of gravity to strengthen the dancer, as well as partner-work, lifts and improvisation, and draw inspiration from the likes of Contemporary pioneers, Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham.
Mixed Motion has it's own, performing Contemporary Dance Company, 'In the Mix.' Students are selected through an audition process into the Company, and applications for audition can be requested by emailing


The Ballet classes currently running at Mixed Motion, are open classes, meaning they are tailored to suit the students and focus to improve weaknesses by working on core exercises. The exercises are based on classical technique and are highly recommended for those who take part in other dance disciplines who would like to see an improvement in all of their work.
The Dance Academy at Mixed Motion focusses specifically on improving school grades of GCSE and A level dance students, by increasing strength, flexibility and improving technique.

Jazz dance is one of the most popular dance styles in the UK, thanks to all the recent reality dance shows which have highlighted the dynamism, strength and excitement behind Musical Theatre Jazz as well as Commercial Jazz. Jazz is energetic and fun, and incorporates unique moves which show off each dancer's style, and incorporates quick turns, leaps and fancy footwork.
It is highly recommended that Jazz students take part in a Ballet class, which encourages grace and balance. Jazz is offered as a complimentary class to Ballet at Mixed Motion's Saturday Dance Academy.

Tap dance classes at Mixed Motion are a funky variation to the 'old school' type tap that dominates most lessons elsewhere! Students are taught exciting rhythms and footwork to create different sounds with their tap shoes and blend timely beats. Ballet or Jazz is an excellent addition to a Tap student's Dance Vocabulary, as body movements are derived from classical elements of both of these.

Street Dance

The most popular Dance style at Mixed Motion! A collaboration of various Hip-Hop, Funk, Lyrical Street and Break dance moves, allowing each student to be an individual! Huge amounts of fun and the perfect choice for any student with no formal dance training behind them. At Mixed Motion we encourage creativity and individualism, and promote Freestyle dance with passion.


The popular, fun and effective workout for those wanting to improve fitness without feeling like it is too much like hard work! Zumba is a blend of Latin and International dance moves including Salsa, Reggaeton and Hip-Hop. 'Ditch the workout, join the party'!
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