I am beyond excited about the launch of Mixed Motion, which is an exciting, multi-disciplined dance studio and performance company. After many years of teaching for numerous organisations, I realised that all the love and passion I put into training my students, would only truly be recognised under my own banner. I encourage a fun, safe learning environment and aim to deliver quality, improve strength and technique and assist students in being the best dancers they can possibly be! Feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about our classes and company. I look forward to great relationships with
all of you!

  Street Dance  
The most popular Dance style at Mixed Motion! A collaboration of various Hip-Hop, Funk, Lyrical Street and Break dance moves, allowing each student to be an individual!
Huge amounts of fun
Contemporary Dance is an expressive form of movement and dance, which incorporates elements of Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet dance. Most often, it is used to convey a story ...
The popular, fun and effective workout for those wanting to improve fitness without feeling like it is too much like hard work! Zumba is a blend of Latin and International dance moves  including Salsa, Reggaeton and Hip-Hop ...
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